Skogstorp Gård

Skogstorp Gård with its 400 acres is located in the beautiful surroundings of Holmsjö. While visiting you can enjoy the embracing nature with its rich wildlife. The genuine manor house is the natural basecamp for exploring the woods and lakes nearby.

Skogstorp Gårds Mansgårdsbyggnad
Skogstorp Gård i Holmsjö :: Fritidsvilla

Holiday rentals

Enjoy your stay in our well equipped villas! The housing provides lots of activities nearby. Fishing, hiking, cycling and jogging are amongst the most popular activities. We offer our guest fishingboats which can be used for fishing or just a calm trip around one of the lakes. 




Skogstorp Gård is reknowned for it´s wunderful hunting grounds. The surronding wildlife has plentyful roe deer, fallow deer and wild boar. If you are lucky you can even get a chance at the famous swedish moose. We can provide varios services which can be helpful during your hunt, such as hounds.

Hunting arrangements



We are offering high quality dry firewood of both birch and pine. The firewood is cutted, cleaved and dried and we sell it in bags of 70kg or in even larger quantities. We can offer homedelivery depending on where you are living. 

Firewood for sale

Fiske i Skogstorp

Fishing i Skogstorp

Our guests can enjoy as much as five different lakes in the absolute surroundings. All of them offer a wide range of great fishing. We have both boats and canoes which can be used for these purposes or just for a slow paddle in the beautiful nature.